My Week In Pictures – Pressing Pause

I’m afraid, dear readers, that my battery has run a little flat.  What with the loss of a very dear friend in January

”Before I moved to Orkney I was introduced to a very special person who I always called  on here MyFriendFiona.  Fiona and I just clicked, sharing a strong Christian faith, a mad sense of humour and a deep love of Orkney.  Fiona was born and raised in Westray, one of the north isles and Orkney ran through her blood.  She had the most ‘can do’ attitude I’ve ever known and years ago when we had to transport a carpet from A to B in the dark, down a hill and in the snow she simply strapped it to the top of a Ford Fiesta and said ‘Fiestas stick to the roads like glue’ then we drove down the hill laughing all the way and carried the carpet to its new home.  Last Saturday after my first Polar Bear swim I dropped in to see her with pictures.  She was now very unwell with cancer and it turned out to be my last visit.  Fiona died peacefully the following day. It was a privilege to know this incredible lady and she was an absolute rock in my early years here. Fiona made everyone feel so special and included. She was tremendous fun, completely nuts and the best and most loyal friend a person could ask for. In the words of her sister ‘Fiona always put everyone before herself. Be like Fiona’ goodbye my lovely friend, thanks for the laughs and see you on the other side” (taken from blog here)

and my mum’s memory struggles and dementia diagnosis

The Mothership is one of the strongest women I know.  She’s survived so much in her life and it now has thrown her another challenge.  Her struggle with her memory in recent months has required readjustment and courage. This week as I sat in the doctor’s room with her, and knowing what my parents are going to have to face together, I felt so proud of them.  Cancer did not break them.  Open heart surgery did not break them. Another cancer and the loss of a son did not break them.  Now they have to be strong again.  And with the love and support of their family and friends, the love they have for each other and faith in God, I feel sure they will demonstrate just how powerful love can be. (taken from blog here)

Then throw in a load of other stresses and strains of the daily grind, while supporting children, whatever their age, and you end up with a rather tired and worn out Norq from Ork.  So, for now, I’m going to recharge by switching off and on again.  It’s how you fix everything right?

Grief isn’t always someone dying, grief can come from many things. Empty nest syndrome, the loss of expectations and hope, changes in friendship groups, changes in family relationships, in fact, just change.  Something has to give – and as someone said to me earlier ‘This too shall pass’  my goodness that has been my mantra for the last 20 years! I needed to hear it from someone else though and it’s so true.

I will still gather my strength from my happy place – the sea.  And will still continue to embarrass my husband and kids (and possibly my parents) by posing for pictures like this like I did yesterday

I’m not sorry

I’ll probably still continue to post mini updates to my Instagram pages



but I AM going to press pause on MWIP for a while,  have a little rest and I’ll be back before you know it.

Bay of Skaill




12 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Pressing Pause

  1. Enjoy your time out dear Norq, stay strong and defo ‘be like Fiona’. She was indeed a great lady and is actually my connection to you. Our daughter moved to Orkney almost 3yrs ago and had the privilege to have the lovely Fiona as her landlady. Whenever they needed to meet up it was more like ‘sharing time with a favourite aunt than your landlady’ I have been reliably informed. Regards Dot from Fife

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    1. Hello Dot. How lovely to hear of her in this way. That would be the peedie hoose in Stromness I’m sure. Fiona really made everyone feel so incredibly included and special. She is greatly missed.


  2. Thanks for your lovely blog. I shall miss you but I wish you some time for yourself, to recharge your battries and just to keep going. Till the next time. Isobel in Austria

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