Dear lovely readers and subscribers

I am delighted and somewhat emotional to be able to tell you that my book Salt On My Skin is now available to purchase from Amazon from the links at the bottom of the page.

This book is the fulfillment of a lifelong desire to publish and I hope it’s the beginning of many more.

Below are some quotes from people who were kind enough to read it before it went to publication if you need some nudging pushing in the right direction to buy it 😉


And someone who managed to sneak under the radar and order the Kindle version before I’d even announced it!


So if you also want to love it, love it, love it then please click on the link below and make a wee purchase. Once you’ve read it please, PLEASE consider reading a review as it really helps independent authors like me.

and thanks so much for helping me make a dream come true.

Sarah x


14 thoughts on “MY BOOK IS OUT!

  1. Grateful for our mutual friend Pam who introduced me to your inspiring blog. It has been a wonderful read for the last year for me and I am looking forward to reading your book. Will be placing my order right after this comment is completed 🙂 Well done for publishing your first book. I am in the middle of writing mine and I don’t think I’ve done anything harder or more cathartic in my life.


  2. Hello, Sarah.

    Perhaps you will remember me, from the Seattle, WA, USA area? You and I had several lovely exchanges after discovering we shared the sad death of a brother to suicide. And, we share a friend in common – Sian Thomas. Anyway, I’ve been continuing to read your blog and keeping up with your remarkable life and accomplishments – for one, the publication of your BOOK! OMG, I am so thrilled for you. I was even able to read an excerpt online this morning, and I am looking forward to getting my own copy soon.

    Covid restrictions weigh heavily – on everyone, I know – but we are lucky to be able to say that we are healthy and so are our friends and family. I hope the same is true for you. To keep ourselves occupied and somewhat happy, we are deep into planning for travel next year. We plan for three or four weeks driving the west and north coasts of Scotland, visiting islands and areas we have missed in earlier travels, and then five weeks in Orkney. We’ve rented a flat in Kirkwall. I so look forward to meeting you, if you like to do that with online acquaintances. I’ll keep you posted when we get closer to actual travel.

    Just wanted to say Congratulations on your book. I hope it is a runaway best seller. It could happen!!

    xx Louise Demetrescu

    (Jeff and I moved from the Seattle area last summer. We are now in Ellensburg, WA, about 90 miles east of Seattle and in a completely different world – rural farm country, lovely views, nicer pace to life, and away from the challenges of city living. Our timing was good, if lucky!)

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    1. Lovely to hear from you and yes I remember our sad connection and out happy one. Would love to meet you when you come over. And thanks for your support re the book x


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