Bere Bannocks

I know Bere Bannocks sounds like it’s something you’d see the doctor with. (like Fatty Cutties ) but once you’ve been here a while you soon get used to the pronunciation.  Beremeal (pronounced bear) is an ancient grain grown in in Orkney and a really traditional Orkney taste.  Bannocks are such a traditional Orkney food … More Bere Bannocks

Cullen Skink

I’m no Nigella, that much is obvious. In fact it’s turning into the worst online recipe ever as it’s pretty much guess work. But if you’re fairly intuitive and can cope with my slapdash approach to soup making then read on. … More Cullen Skink

Rhubarb Cake

If we could live off rhubarb, eggs and a bit of freelance writing, I’d be edging close to self sufficiency and entering the good life by now. Sadly that dream is yet to be realised but I can  teach you how to impress people and make them think you’re a baking genius with the easiest … More Rhubarb Cake