My Year in Pictures -The last for 2017

‘We’ll remember this holiday forever won’t we?’ said Orkney Beef.  Yes, we will. 

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My Week In Pictures

So to summarize I have no cards written and still not all presents wrapped and no Christmas pudding because I forgot to buy one (and going back to the shops would mean spending another £86 on ‘essentials’) and the house still looks like it’s been turned over.  I have the beginning of two black eyes thanks to smacking myself in the face off the car door whilst taking the aforementioned shopping in the house, I staggered in crying and shouting GET SOMETHING COLD! Tech Support rummages through the shopping and comes out with a bag of frozen stuffing.  I try that for about 10 seconds before shouting COLD CLOTH COLD CLOTH and repeatedly asking him if it was broken or bleeding. Thankfully not, but when things calmed down he said to me ‘in other news, you’re the ugliest cryer’ Oh how we laughed. Quite frankly, all I want for Christmas is this to be left alone.

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My Week In Pictures

Those of you who follow my Norq From Ork Facebook page will know I’ve been whinging incessantly for days that I’ve been laid low with a virus this week.  A strange thing which made me so dizzy I couldn’t walk to the bathroom without holding on to the wall.  Swimming was ditched and I spent the whole of … More My Week In Pictures

18 Year Old Me

This photo of me was taken exactly 30 years ago this week.  I know this because it was taken on my 18th birthday while at a works Christmas party.  30 + 18 = 48 and that is the age I turned this week.  I don’t tend to get too hung up about age but every … More 18 Year Old Me

My Week In Pictures

Keeping upright has been this weeks challenge. A major storm mid-week posed a major challenge for Orkney folk as we all strapped down our trampolines, shed roofs, dogs etc.  Schools had to close, roads were flooded and a high sided lorry blew over in the relentless wind. Driving in it is no fun at all … More My Week In Pictures