The Man’s Guide to BBQs

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I was out visiting a friend today and I received two text messages.  One from my husband and one from my son.  They went like this. Orkney Beef:  I was wondering if you fancied a BBQ tonight? Tech Support: Dad was wondering if you fancied a BBQ tonight. (Please say…

My Week in Pictures

Rainbows Through the Rain It’s been a sad couple of weeks in our family (see Saying Goodbye to Step. ) I remember when I was grieving the loss of a loved one a few years ago and someone prayed I would ‘find my smiles again’.  I always thought it was a lovely expression and I hope my … More My Week in Pictures

The lost hour

Originally posted on Norq From Ork:
Every six months due to one measly hours time change, my life disappears into a black hole and I wonder if I will ever find my way back out. This morning I woke up and checked the time.  6.30 am the clock on my phone says, but does that mean 5.30,…


It’s been the most beautiful spring day in Orkney.  I enjoyed a walk in the sunshine and the dog’s tail wagged like a metronome the whole way.  I breathed in the clean air and the only sound was the sea and the distant rumble of the odd car.  I’ve done this walk many times, it’s … More #Londonisopen