My Week in Pictures

Rainbows Through the Rain It’s been a sad couple of weeks in our family (see Saying Goodbye to Step. ) I remember when I was grieving the loss of a loved one a few years ago and someone prayed I would ‘find my smiles again’.  I always thought it was a lovely expression and I hope my … More My Week in Pictures

The lost hour

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Every six months due to one measly hours time change, my life disappears into a black hole and I wonder if I will ever find my way back out. This morning I woke up and checked the time.  6.30 am the clock on my phone says, but does that mean 5.30,…


It’s been the most beautiful spring day in Orkney.  I enjoyed a walk in the sunshine and the dog’s tail wagged like a metronome the whole way.  I breathed in the clean air and the only sound was the sea and the distant rumble of the odd car.  I’ve done this walk many times, it’s … More #Londonisopen

Reader, I married him.

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Orkney Beef and I argued in the week about who was the most romantic. It wasn’t so much an argument as a two-minute conversation where he declared himself the most romantic of the two of us and I pretty much said that he wasn’t. This debate was sparked by the…

Digging up the past

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Orkney hosts many ancient sites that show us how our ancestors lived hundreds and even thousands of years ago.  There’s Skara Brae, the ancient stone houses believed to be around 5000 years old, Maeshowe complete with its Viking graffiti, Ring O’ Brodgar the ancient standing stones and many more…