My Week In Pictures – A Heart Full of Love

I always try to keep things light and positive on this blog but I’m going to start with my six-monthly moan about the clocks change. (which happened today) It throws me into a completely confused state (my cousin will be reading this and rolling her eyes because she has no sympathy but her husband gets it) I’ve already woken from a Sunday afternoon nap because I reached the jet-lagged stage of not being about to string a sentence together.  Anyone who knows me for real also knows that if I can’t talk then something serious has occurred. But I’m also tired for much happier reasons.  We attended a completely fabulous wedding this weekend where celebrations took the whole of Saturday and half of Sunday.


Weddings really are the most joyful occasions for so many reasons.  The bride was utterly radiant when she entered the church and I thought her smile might reach right the way round the back of her head. After a lovely service and meal it was on to the dancing and a chance to catch up with so many friends that I haven’t seen in ages.  It’s wonderful to bring people together for such a celebration and there was so much fun and laughter the whole day. I was over the moon to have both my children home for the event and loved seeing everyone in their wedding best.  Seeing the bride today – for further eating and drinking!- I thanked her for getting married so I could enjoyed such a fabulous catch up with so many people.

Tech Support, Miss Lashes, Myself and Orkney Beef

I miss my children so much when they’re away.  If anything is going to move me away from Orkney it’ll be this.  So it\s been wonderful to spend some much treasured time with them for the last few days.

Miss Lashes with her wonderful step dad Orkney Beef. 

As we begin to approach winter, the days get darker and adjustments need to be made when it comes to outdoor swimming.  The water is starting to get colder too!  When we swim in the mornings sometimes it’s not quite light yet so we need to think outside the box to be seen. Most normal people put a torch in their drybag/tow float but after raking about in the drawer for ages and not finding one I finally settled on battery-operated Christmas fairy lights and it did just the job.

GPTempDownload 11
Two glow worms staying safe in the water

A few months ago I was asked to Beta read a book before publication and give my thoughts and feedback.  This week I was sent a copy of the finished book and if you’re a writer or interested in writing then this is absolutely the book for you.  So easy to read and full of really helpful advice. I highly recommend you putting this book to the top of your reading list.


The sun rises keep coming!

Standing Stones of Stennes

It’s been sooooo good having my children home.  Yesterday I said to them ‘I have a little job for you’  they embraced it.  And this is the message I wrote on Instagram and Facebook. (Share the Orange is used by Alzheimers Reasearch UK and people are invited to do so)

These are my children and my two favourite people. The two people I know better than anyone in the whole world. I gave birth to them, counted their eyelashes, dried their tears, kissed their grazed knees, and read their bedtime stories. I’ve chased away their nightmares rejoiced in the successes and cried and with their pain. They are my life and I cannot imagine ever looking at them and not recognising them because I know their faces better than I know my own. I hope they never have to face the day when I might look upon them as strangers. Dementia causes the brain to shrink to 140g about the size of an orange. We are #livingwithdementia as my mum has it and thankfully still knows who we all are but I’m well aware the day might come. I’ve been fundraising for @alzheimersresearchuk by #swimmingdowndementia and people have been enormously generous. I finish on 31st October and have raised over £2000 but would love to increase that total with one final push. There’s a link at the bottom of the page and any donation will be so gratefully received. Let’s help fund research for this rapidly growing disease and support families living with dementia.



IMG_7418 2

My heart really is so full when I look at my children and when I get the chance to be with them.  This time next week they will both be gone again but at least Chr***m*s is just around the corner. ❤

Have a great week everyone!

Donation website Swimming Down Dementia


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