Simmer dim pictures

*Simmer dim: midsummer nightlong twilight in the northern isles I was driving home from a concert the other night and it was close to midnight.  The solstice skies were so stunning I decided to take the scenic route home and take a few pictures.  All photos taken with an iphone and no filters needed.  Pictured … More Simmer dim pictures

My Week in Pictures

We had a lovely relaxing time in Hoy this weekend.  I spoke about it briefly in my last blog and at length about my forgotten items.  However once I had kitted myself out with replacements and cobbled other stuff together we enjoyed some lovely walks, visits to Lifeboat museums, cafe and conversation with friends, eating … More My Week in Pictures

Only in Orkney

A few years ago my parents moved into their new home in Orkney having relocated a few months after I did. They had been living in rented accommodation for a while and finally made it to their  new house. A friend from South had wanted to send them a card to welcome them to their new … More Only in Orkney