My Week in Pictures

We had a lovely relaxing time in Hoy this weekend.  I spoke about it briefly in my last blog and at length about my forgotten items.  However once I had kitted myself out with replacements and cobbled other stuff together we enjoyed some lovely walks, visits to Lifeboat museums, cafe and conversation with friends, eating together and stunning sunsets.

Orkney Beef takes a walk with the dog Hope
Bog cotton

This bog cotton or cotton grass can be seen growing all over Hoy at this time of year and is so pretty and unusual.  It’s very soft and I always enjoy seeing it every time I come out to Hoy in June.

Sunset photo taken about 11.30pm

The skies continue to be beautiful and it barely get dark at all.  It’s a strange feeling to be out at midnight and for it still to be daylight.

Hoy Church photographed just before midnight

Rackwick is another place of real beauty in Hoy and I have been offered the use of a great wee bothy to go and spend the day writing in.  It would be difficult not to be inspired when this is your view.

Inside the bothy is this beautiful old stone fireplace.  I love the histoy of these old stone houses and to think of the people that have gone before. There was also a nice wee modern touch 😉 I’m looking forward to coming out here for a day and enjoy being off grid to see what I can write with no distractions.

Tech Support son had some quiet time and my friend snapped this picture of him.  I love it, it totally captures him.  He’s a deep thinker and very easy going.

Tech Support thinks things over

In other news Miss Lashes flew to South Africa this week to spend some time studying and and volunteering at a place called LIV Village (see here).  It’s a brilliant opportunity for her and when we face timed she was looking relaxed an happy.

As it’s Father’s Days Miss Lashes put a heart warming message on Facebook and sent a lovely card.  Tech Support coudn’t resist this one.  A quiet wife?  Never going to happen.  Just as well he told me today he was quite happy with the one he’s got.


I have a busy week ahead,  I hope you all have a good one.






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