My Week in Pictures

Any Monday morning that starts with a rainbow means it has to be a great week ahead surely?  Well it is by my reckoning.  I’ve always loved rainbows and whenever I see them I alway’s think it’s God’s way of saying all will be well.  (Like the time I recently had to take a boat ride in … More My Week in Pictures

Confessions of a Sea Sick Drama Queen (and a long suffering husband)

If you look up Drama Queen in the dictionary you’ll find my name there.  But only under the subsection of ‘person most likely to make a fuss if there’s any chance she might be sick on a boat’ I’ve mentioned before that I have quite a severe sickness phobia.  It’s called ‘Emetophobia’ meaning fear of … More Confessions of a Sea Sick Drama Queen (and a long suffering husband)

My Week In Pictures

What’s your favourite season? Mine is Spring. At the end of a long hard winter, I feel filled with hope as I see new life popping through the ground and the promise of longer, warmer days. Others prefer Autumn and write poetically about it making it almost sound bearable. For me it’s no secret that … More My Week In Pictures

My Week in Pictures

Do not adjust your set.  The picture you see here wasn’t taken in Barbados but actually taken right here in Orkney, this week.  Sunset at Yesnaby by photographer Graham Lyon who kindly gave me permission to use it. We are having a mix of beautiful days and some less so, but my favourite thing about … More My Week in Pictures