No pressure but…..

I’ve reached 2000 hits and to be honest I’m staggered by the response the blog has received in such a short space of time. I’ve had emails, messages and people stopping me in the street all to say they are loving reading and checking in daily.  I have morning regular readers, bed time regular  readers … More No pressure but…..

The age old question

‘what’s for tea?’ ‘Spaghetti  Bolognese’ Not chicken korma?’ ‘no’ *silence*   Firstly let me apologize to Facebook friends for my second rant on this subject in as many weeks.  Secondly if I was making chicken korma then the answer to the initial FAQ would’ve surely been chicken korma right? (duh!) and  thirdly spaghetti bolognese is a heck … More The age old question

Trying again

Exactly four weeks ago it was New Years Eve although it already feels in the dim and distant past. I went along to a short watch night service at church to wave goodbye to 2015 usher in 2016 with my list of life changes I’m going to make.  Lose weight, get fit, de clutter, be more … More Trying again