What’s on your bucket list?

‘Follow your dreams my wife’

‘Cool, I dreamt I ate a whole cheesecake.  Off to follow that dream’

Orkney Beef doesn’t really go in for all that inspirational one liners guff so it was pretty funny to get that text from him this morning and I couldn’t resist the reply.  Apologies for the typo and poor grammar in my excitement to send my hilariously funny reply.


I didn’t really dream of eating a whole cheesecake but I do have other more meaningful dreams and aspirations and when I look back over my life I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to tick many things off my bucket list.  (For  older readers, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die)  I have big things on the list, for example make a living from writing, publish a book, learn the piano, finish the ironing pile etc as well as smaller mini achievements such successfully as grow Eryngium (thistles) in the garden this year, successfully grow anything in the garden this year, find the iron etc

I’ve had many other dreams come true and regular followers of the blog will know that a house by the sea was definitely one of them, keeping chickens was another and getting worked published is one I’m working on. In order to do this I make sure I do one thing each day to achieve this goal.  Fairy step or gigantic leap I make sure I keep moving forward in the right direction and I’m sure I’ll get there.

I mentioned before in The Day J.K. Rowling Came to Visit that working in a library was on my bucket list before bucket lists were even invented. It took me to my 40’s before I finally realised that goal and remember feeling quite emotional on my first drive to work.  I used to follow the hugely successful Orkney Library and Archive Twitter page (found here) before I started working there and had a great laugh at the humorous goings on. I must take this opportunity to give a huge well done to the man behind the tweet Stewart Bain as today the library achieved the much coveted ‘blue tick’ This will only have meaning to those in the Twitter world but with 26 thousand followers, believe me it’s quite an achievement. There’s a fair amount of banter between Orkney and Shetland library which seems to make it on to the news too and not surprising because it’s hilarious.

Blue tick


(You will notice he is also casually sending kisses to J.K Rowling)

followed by a brilliant come back from Shetland Library

Shetland Library

But it’s all in good, friendly fun and keeping  Orkney on the map for more exciting reasons than weather related news.  Just goes to show what can be achieved if you keep dreaming big.  On that happy note I am off to have a take away fish supper with the family followed by a cheesecake and after eights chaser.  Laters my friends, and thank you for reading.



2 thoughts on “What’s on your bucket list?

  1. A good piano teacher in quoyloo so get your lessons booked, not far to go and another one ticked.



    1. Yes I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago but I don’t own a piano to practise on so it’s on the back burner for a while yet. Maybe when I’m earning a living writing…. thanks for your comments 😊


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