Sorry For What I’m About To Say….

I’m going to whisper four little letters very quietly and try not to cry when I do.


I’m sorry, I really sorry.  I know you’re banging your head off the screen as one more person spams you with an email saying I won’t be spamming you. Are you awash with GDPR Data Protection emails asking you to opt in, opt out and shake it all about? It all kicks into play in a few hours on May 25th 2018 so as usual, I’m late to the party.

I’ll explain where your data fits into my little corner of the internet world and I’ll try and keep it super brief.

The only data I have is your email address if you subscribe to the blog.  When you click subscribe, I get an email saying so and so has subscribed.  (THANK YOU VERY MUCH)

I don’t do anything with this email address, I don’t do mailshots, I simply publish blogs and it will go to your email.

The WordPress website I use stores, subscribers emails, and I have access to the list (but in all honesty, I hardly look at if ever because I barely have time to check my own emails never mind going raking about looking for other people’s addresses)

I will probably only do a mailshot if I publish a book and I want y’all to buy it. I won’t lie, I really hope this happens!

The only other data I have is anything you may tell me through comments.  Your comments are seen by anyone who reads them.  So when The Mothership once commented ‘hi darling, your dad and I are having a lovely holiday and just off out for dinner blah blah blah’ I deleted it so people didn’t know she was on holiday.  (You’re welcome Mothership)

So to clarify, if you don’t want me to have your email address held and do nothing with except maybe email you when I get published then unsubscribe.

If you don’t want me and the internet to know your favourite colour, etc etc don’t tell me.

But please, do keep subscribing and commenting.  I love hearing from you all and thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog.

My GDPR bit covered? I think so.  I hope so.


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4 thoughts on “Sorry For What I’m About To Say….

  1. As always, the Facebook intro to this blog had me on tenterhooks, like the next episode of a gritty northern TV drama… After I’d banged on the cage of the hamster that powers the Merkister Hotel’s WiFi network, I breathed a sigh of relief and let out a nervous little laugh. 😳

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    1. Ha! classic click bate strategy to make people read. Have fun at the Merkister. I can see it from m sitting room window (with binoculars) but that’s maybe taking the ‘I’m not checking up on your data’ stuff too far.


    1. Hi Sylvia thanks so much. You can subscribe to my blog or follow my Facebook page Norq from Ork and Orkney Writer and they all get up loaded there. Welcome aboard x


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