My Week In Pictures – Speed Shopping And Being Indoorsy

This mainly involved hyperventilating at the cost of flying two people down there at a weeks notice, hyperventilating on the plane due to the bumpy landing, hyperventilating at having to get from here to here to there to back to here all in a tight timescale, speed shopping around Edinburgh at Glasgow as I had little time but much to achieve. … More My Week In Pictures – Speed Shopping And Being Indoorsy

Who Cares?

Three years ago this month, my husband Orkney Beef became very ill overnight with sepsis.  Life flipped on its head and I was faced with the very real possibility that I may have to become his carer.  This was something I was willing and able to do should the need arise but I was also … More Who Cares?

Be Your Best Self.

This photo must be 24 years old. You can see daffodils in full bloom in the background so it was around this time of year and I was just branching out into motherhood. I can’t get over how my hands look so young!!

To All The Women

Originally posted on Norq From Ork:
It’s international women’s day and thousands if not millions of women will be sharing stories of inspiring women from around the globe. Many of them who have changed the world and their stories reach far and wide.  They are incredible women. I on the other hand want to say…