Be Your Best Self.

This photo must be 24 years old. You can see daffodils in full bloom in the background so it was around this time of year and I was just branching out into motherhood. I can’t get over how my hands look so young!!

They don’t look like that any more. I remember the photo being taken, I remember that white shirt with the flowery collar and the bag and the jacket. No internet. No mobile phones and no idea what lay ahead. (Just as well) Mother’s Day can be a time of great joy for so many and a massive struggle for others. To those who haven’t been mothers and longed to be, to those who have lost a precious Mum and miss her, to those who have lost a child leaving a void that cannot be filled, to those who are pulling double shift as a single parent to those tired and scared mothers wondering if they are doing any thing right (I still fit that category with a 24 and 17 year old!) Whatever your circumstances I hope you are saluting yourself for doing your best. Always be your best self.  Happy Mother’s Day and if that’s too much then Happy Sunday.




5 thoughts on “Be Your Best Self.

  1. Look at you all motivational on mothersday. I want to wish you, one of my favourite fellow moms a very happy motherday. Oh and FYI hands tell how hard you have worked and struggled in your life so be proud! Be super proud!

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