My Week in Pictures

Lighthouse Love I love lighthouses, I love beautiful sun rises and I love my friend Sian’s cat for waking her up at 5am this morning to take this photo so that I didn’t have to.  😀 Sian lives on the small island of Graemsay which is about a 20 minute boat ride from Stromness. She also … More My Week in Pictures

Dear Orkney (part 2)

Dear Orkney There appears to be a dreadful misunderstanding.  I refer to my earlier letter to you written on March 7th 2016.  See here. In my previous letter I thanked you for the end of winter, being able to peg out washing, do some gardening and not needing to resort to chocolate.  I sang your praises … More Dear Orkney (part 2)

Spring has Sprung

There’s nothing like a Spring morning to show off nature’s art work.  After crawling to the end of Winter on my hands and knees I now awaken to Spring mornings with such happiness I could almost break into a run.  I say almost because I tried running for a while; I enjoyed it but thanks to a … More Spring has Sprung

Living the dream.

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road? A. Because seemingly there was a square inch of garden on the other side that they hadn’t pooped on yet. Yes readers I’m now living the n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶m̶a̶r̶e̶  dream and am a fully fledged  keeper of three much longed for chickens. Following one or two false starts where … More Living the dream.

Northern Lights

I missed the Northern Lights last night but my son (renamed Tech Support with his approval) was out and about and got some pics of them.  Today the sun shone and showed me how dirty the windows are and how dusty the house is but they are just going to have to stay that way for … More Northern Lights

Spring 2 winter 0

In the battle  of winter v spring, spring is currently in the lead by producing two sunny days in a row.  Although there was a white frost this morning on the ground the sun was shining and there was hazy mist which reminded me of early summer days. While I’m probably perceived by many of … More Spring 2 winter 0

Dear Orkney

Dear Orkney I’m sorry for all the mean stuff I said about you when I was fed up of it being a permanent state of Winter, full of hateful wind, rain, ice and snow. Today you totally got your act together and sent me a beautiful and gloriously sunny spring day so I could indulge … More Dear Orkney

View from the window

Winter drags on,  occasionally misleading us that it’s over by producing a beautiful sunny morning or even day, but quickly returns to biting winds and sleety showers.  Today’s photo was taken from my bedroom window late last summer;  I remember including the frame just to prove it really was from my window.  It’s good to … More View from the window