Dear Orkney

Dear Orkney

I’m sorry for all the mean stuff I said about you when I was fed up of it being a permanent state of Winter, full of hateful wind, rain, ice and snow.

Today you totally got your act together and sent me a beautiful and gloriously sunny spring day so I could indulge in my favourite household chore of pegging out the washing and I managed three loads. I know this makes me sound like a complete saddo but I don’t care, I love it and will continue to love it as long I live.

The sun streaming in the window made it so warm that it didn’t matter that we’ve had no heating for several days because we stupidly let the oil tank run dry causing an air lock and the need to call out a plumber to fix it which we couldn’t do at the weekend because of the cost so we’ve had to totally freeze and boil the kettle for hot water whingeing and whining about our first world discomfort. (readers, it’s too late for us but you can save yourselves)

You graciously melted all the morning snow and ice which meant I could go for a long overdue visit with a friend without risk of driving on hideously slippery roads.  The same roads which last night I crawled along hating every minute of it.

I didn’t need to resort to chocolate because I’m so depressed about aforementioned wind, rain, ice and snow.

The chickens ventured further out as it was so nice and crossed the road.  This was not a joke.

Today Orkney, you gave me fresh hope that you know how to behave and produce lovely weather so I can get my bluebells in at the weekend.

I forgive you everything, let’s not break up.

Lots of love

Norq from Ork.

orkney morning



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