Christmas greetings

It’s Christmas Eve, my favourite time of the season. We’ve sung carols and are about to fall out over Cluedo. Wherever you are and however you spend your day, may you have hope in your heart on Christmas morning. Thank you to everyone for supporting the blog, it’s been great fun watching it grow. Norq … More Christmas greetings

A Nativity Story

whilst all other girls were angels and one even made the dizzy heights of Mary, Miss Lashes and another little girl were made to be shepherds and wear painted on beards and tea towels over the head. (pictured below) Blonde haired little girls floated around in white sheets with tinsel coat hanger halos, but Miss Lashes could only look on with a broken heart. … More A Nativity Story

My Week in Pictures

As we head into Christmas week I wish you health and happiness whatever you are doing and whoever you are with. Those of you in Orkney and at a loose end on Christmas Day are welcome to go along to a dinner held at the Stromness Baptist Church in the Town Hall. Just get in touch with me so I can pass on numbers for sprout allocation. (

Have a great week everyone and in the words on the back of the gin bottle…. Slánte! … More My Week in Pictures

My Colonoscopy Story Part Two (and fear not, it’s not graphic)

‘Why are you saying thank you?  I just stuck a camera up your bum’ I guess gratitude takes many forms and I was just relieved it was all over and relieved it was all clear. So thank you seemed a perfectly appropriate thing to say. So often in life, the fear of something is way … More My Colonoscopy Story Part Two (and fear not, it’s not graphic)

5 Minutes Peace

I remember this time of year, about ten or twelve years ago.  I was living in Cambridge and raising two young children on my own.  I had spent most of the day  Christmas shopping in a busy, packed city and it was absolute hell.  Every shop had Christmas music blaring, and every checkout drawer opening … More 5 Minutes Peace