My Week in Pictures

Posts earlier in the week will tell you why it was a grim start to the week (Birthdays, Bottoms and Being BraveMy Colonoscopy Story Part Two (and fear not, it’s not graphic)) but once it was all over I was in high spirits and happy to be on a plane bound from Aberdeen back to Orkney with my babysitter  escort.


Leaving the city lights behind



Happy to be going home

I celebrated my birthday late and could finally open the mysterious bottle of gin given to me by Miss Lashes and NotPhil. It was a chocolate, mint flavour and very nice too.  I also received a shelf unit shaped like a boat from Orkney Beef, a handmade cushion cover in Orkney flag colours from MyfriendFiona and this fantastic bag with my blog made into a book from a friend who I shall call HerMajesty. 😉  Thank you to EVERYONE for all your lovely well wishes, birthday greetings and all round good humour which kept my spirits up on a long and miserable day.

Friday night was a night out with friends and colleagues to see The Red Hot Chilli Pipers.  They were brilliant and LOUD.  I’ve never heard Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls on the bagpipes before!  and before you ask, I wasn’t dreaming or drunk either, I was driving that night and stone cold sober.  We had a really great night and I saw some fabulous dance moves 😉


Red Hot Chilli Pipers





It’s been extremely mild this year and when I visited a friend yesterday I was amazed to see daffodils out!  I’m happy too that my Christmas cactus has flowered, and I received my first ever Poinsettia yesterday!  I’ll look after it, and lovely to see you as always Eliz. I love flowers.


We are off to a storytelling held by the Orcadian Story Trust tonight at our local The Orkney Brewery. It was once a school and many of the artifacts from its school days are on display in the restaurant there. The big stone fireplaces are still in situ and photos of former pupils. It’s less than half a mile away from our house and not often we can attend something and be near enough to walk home.  This fabulous picture of the brewery was taken by Andrew Hollinrake a few years ago.  I love it and it gives me a real appreciation of where I live,  I never tire of the view.


IMG_3623 2.JPG
The Orkney Brewery

You can read more about my first storytelling experience here Let me tell you a story


As we head into Christmas week I wish you health and happiness whatever you are doing and whoever you are with.  Those of you in Orkney and at a loose end on Christmas Day are welcome to go along to a dinner held at the Stromness Baptist Church in the Town Hall. Just get in touch with me so I can pass on numbers for sprout allocation. (

Have a great week everyone and in the words on the back of the gin bottle… drink responsibly and  Slánte!












4 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. That’s it! That gin is on me “to do list”. A clean bill of health is your best birthday present and as my old Dad says our best Christmas one as life wouldn’t be the same without tales “from your friend up North”. So glad all is well and that your birthday was a goodie albeit belated.

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