It’s been the most beautiful spring day in Orkney.  I enjoyed a walk in the sunshine and the dog’s tail wagged like a metronome the whole way.  I breathed in the clean air and the only sound was the sea and the distant rumble of the odd car.  I’ve done this walk many times, it’s … More #Londonisopen

To All The Women

It’s international women’s day and thousands if not millions of women will be sharing stories of inspiring women from around the globe. Many of them who have changed the world and their stories reach far and wide.  They are incredible women. I on the other hand want to say thank you to the women who … More To All The Women

This Week’s Must See

This could possibly be the most heartwarming 56 seconds of your day.  The little boy’s desire to make sure everyone has a turn is utterly charming.  We could learn something from him.  May you always encourage others to show off their best moves…..