Make Your Own Sunshine

One of my favourite places to be is right in front of this window. ✨

My view from the den

I love my wee den and often mix up what’s on my windowsill to reflect different seasons and mood. The mermaid is always there and my journals, so is the pussy willow which seems to survive all year round 🧐 but the nik naks often change.

The flowering cactus was grown from a cutting by my mum last year. Just one tiny leaf put into soil and it’s came to life and flowered at Christmas and Spring. #hope. 💫

‘Be Still and Know’ gives me comfort and helps me to trust. 🙏🏻

The mermaid image was made by my daughter for my birthday. I miss my children so much and this past 12 had really made me re think if I want to live so distanced from them. (Spoiler: I don’t) 🧜‍♀️

Outside you can see where I’ve started preparing the boarder for my wild flowers. It’s so exposed that things can struggle to grow here but I won’t give up trying. 🤞🌱

Across the fields, ploughing has taken place where just a few weeks ago it was covered in snow. This view stays the same yet changes all the time. 🌎

Full moon energy – ‘prepare the earth for planting, prepare yourself for change’ I’m on it. 🙌

Following a harsh winter with plenty of snow, the snowdrops were late this year. But a walk with a friend to a local woods meant we were treated with a complete carpet of them. My favourite flower giving a message of hope.


We had such a wonderful time we vowed to return every month to see the changing landscape. A month later and the woods looked completely different. The muddy, dead, barren ground was now a carpet of lush green and bushes were showing signs of new life. After months of cold, spring is finally on the way.

Even with the changing seasons the days can still be cold and grey. Outdoor swimming (sub text: outdoor faffing, yapping, heads up breast stroke – sometimes not very much swimming) keeps me sane, and sometimes you just have to make your own sunshine by wearing all the colours, as demonstrated.

Like I said earlier miss my children so much it hurts. Covid has taken its toll on my already rare ability to see them and a whole host of other complexities leaves me wondering if I will be in Orkney forever. I used to think yes, now I definitely believe no. I’m a big believer in seasons and at some point this season will come to an end, but when it does, like the nature and woods, it will make way for another season. Who knows what is around the corner? After a year of house arrest due to lock down it’s probably just as well we don’t know. At least I can see them via Facetime and long for the day when we can all be in the same room at the same time. Oh what fun we will have, I will squeeze them tight.

You may have noticed I don’t blog very much these days. The mental and physical load of looking after The Mothership (who is sadly deteriorating with dementia) whilst working full time takes its toll and I’m just giving myself permission to do what I can and put down what I can’t. However I waffle on over on Instagram on a regular basis if you want to take a look and/or be inundated with low brow, high goofing around content.

Until the next time x


One thought on “Make Your Own Sunshine

  1. I have just started reading your book and started open water swimming, first tentative swim12 May… I am reading all the books I can which have refs to wild swimming!
    Well, within a couple of swims – or maybe just one? – I was hooked. I love it. Am not a racing in laps person but one who swims to enjoy the outdoors, the environment, the wildlife… slowly!
    We’ve just had two weeks in Scotland and I did venture into the sea 3 times, usually I swim in lakes and rivers but would love to be nearer the sea.
    I also write a blog which used to centre around canicross… now wild swimming

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