My Week in Pictures – Treasure Hunting

Sometimes it can be difficult to write sensitively when there is so much global difficulty going on. I really don’t know what the answer is. In my corner of the internet I’ve always written about the minutiae of my day, shared stories of my life in Orkney and the ups and downs of life.  Due to recent events, everyone is clamouring for a voice and I’m still in a place of learning. I could agonise over whether I should be saying something of value – but I’m no expert, or saying nothing – and is that insenstive?  There are so many voices, opinions and posts out there, I’m not going to add to it or bring any new insight or pearls of widom. So I’m going to stay in my lane, and continue to post what I know, which is mainly swimming selfies and spamming you all about book talk.  More on that later, but for now, I’m happily back in the water now certain restrictions have been lifted and while there’s no group swims, it’s good to catch up with friends from a 2m distance. 


Nothing delights me more than to warm up after a swim with a beach comb. Tiny pieces of history in the form of sea pottery and sea glass is an absolute delight to find. Every single piece has a story to tell. While some call it junk, to me it’s a precious history lesson and a wonderful treasure hunt. In Stromness there is tons to be found, and as I was scouring recently I was told I was looking at a site next to what used to be a town hall, a pub and police station ‘so keep looking’ he cheered. Here’s what I collected this week. There’s so much sea glass I have to leave it, I only take the really rare colours now!

I seriously hope that by the next time I write a blog I will have a link to a pre order for  my book for you. I lost a fair amount of sleep over the front cover.  I knew what I wanted but to explain that to someone else and have them put their interpretation on it and bring it to life isn’t always easy. It turns out people DO judge a book by the cover. Thanks to the patience and expertise of two women responding to a thousand messages from me, I am over the moon to say the cover is ready. I hope you like it. 

I’m self-publishing my book after much deliberation over which route to take. Self pubishing meant I could have it ready much sooner and more control over my book. Both routes would mean a lot of my own publicity and marketing anyway, and the most important thing for me was fulfilling a dream of writing and publishing a book.  Mission accomplished, here’s hoping it will be dropping through your letter box very soon.

Have a great week everyone. x


10 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures – Treasure Hunting

  1. So excited for you about Sea Salt on my Skin and LOVE the cover – she looks just like you.

    How much and how do I pay? I know lots of people who would love to buy too so I can be your Cambridge agent if that helps.

    Much love

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  2. HI Sarah, Just a note to say that I really enjoy your posts andFANTASTICALLY well done you!A book. You wrote a book. Amazing.I just read Dear Edward and The Giver of Stars and recommend both.Stay wellAnne Gaioni (physical therapist that works with your sister)

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