My Week in Pictures

From time to time Orkney dwellers like to ‘get off the rock’ as I hear folk say, and join the rest of the world ‘Sooth’ for a weekend of shopping and entertainment. I had such a weekend with colleagues from work as we went to Aberdeen to see the stage production of Grease and generally … More My Week in Pictures

Fear of flying

Something Tech Support Son suggested recently about what people enjoy about the blog is that they can probably identify with aspects of what I’m saying. Maybe yesterdays blog was big hit was because I touched on a fear of flying. I went on my first flight when I was a teenager and have flown several times since, to America or … More Fear of flying

Coming home.

I told a lie today.  It was when I was sitting in the aeroplane to come home and the air hostess told me that I was next to the emergency exit.  She then asked if in the event of an emergency,  was I willing to help open the door.  I nodded that yes I would.  That was … More Coming home.