Fear of flying

Something Tech Support Son suggested recently about what people enjoy about the blog is that they can probably identify with aspects of what I’m saying. Maybe yesterdays blog was big hit was because I touched on a fear of flying. I went on my first flight when I was a teenager and have flown several times since, to America or … More Fear of flying

Coming home.

I told a lie today.  It was when I was sitting in the aeroplane to come home and the air hostess told me that I was next to the emergency exit.  She then asked if in the event of an emergency,  was I willing to help open the door.  I nodded that yes I would.  That was … More Coming home.

On being a tourist

The last two days have been a whirlwind of city life activities.  I’ve obviously become so accustomed to life in Orkney that I’ve forgotten how to behave in the city.  My daughter gave me a warning for performing a  ‘tourist emergency stop’  You know the one, you’re walking along looking up at buildings, architecture or … More On being a tourist

Getting off the rock

I’m going away to visit my daughter Miss Lashes following last weeks nut allergy drama. She ended up staying in hospital two nights following a few rebound anaphylaxis episodes and the ‘I’ll be fine don’t worry about coming down’ high has worn off along with the adrenalin and steroids so I’m using my annual leave to go … More Getting off the rock

You are not alone, you have yourself.

The weather continues to be beyond hideous. Just the journey from the house to the tumble dryer in the garage whilst carrying the washing was an extreme sport. I nearly lost several items of laundry to other islands. Maybe that’s where all the odd socks in our house really go to, they get carried off by the wind as I journey back and forth to the washing line or tumble dryer … More You are not alone, you have yourself.

Living the dream

Growing up in the Midlands I spent my life wishing I could live by the sea. I only ever saw the ocean on our summer holidays where we spent several hours driving to the coast, three of us packed into the back of our car like sardines with mum reading the AA directions off a … More Living the dream

View from the window

Winter drags on,  occasionally misleading us that it’s over by producing a beautiful sunny morning or even day, but quickly returns to biting winds and sleety showers.  Today’s photo was taken from my bedroom window late last summer;  I remember including the frame just to prove it really was from my window.  It’s good to … More View from the window

Life and light

‘The hens made a bid for freedom , there’s one on the field and two on the west wall down by the new shed’ This was the text I received from Orkney Beef earlier today.  How I wish I could’ve been there to witness the comical scenes of him running around a field trying to … More Life and light