On being a tourist

The last two days have been a whirlwind of city life activities.  I’ve obviously become so accustomed to life in Orkney that I’ve forgotten how to behave in the city.  My daughter gave me a warning for performing a  ‘tourist emergency stop’  You know the one, you’re walking along looking up at buildings, architecture or monuments then you stop suddenly to read a sign or something interesting in a shop window.  You’re so engrossed in all the new things to look at that you don’t think of the people behind you who have seen all this a million times before, and before you know it there’s a mini pile up and much saying of ‘ooh sorry’  It’s happened Orkney. I can be driving along when a tourist or two will step out into the road not looking either way, causing me to break suddenly. Now it seems I have become the very thing I loath.  At least it’s only on the safety of the pavements as I seem to have forgotten how to cross a busy road at all.

I have enjoyed all the beauty of the architecture in Edinburgh.  This never ceases to amaze me, I love historical cities and enjoy thinking about the people that have gone before and the work and effort involved in creating these wonderful old buildings as well as the work and effort that has gone on inside them.

New College

We also enjoyed a wander round the library,one of my favourite places to be and has been since I was a little girl.  I’m lucky enough to work in a library and I hope they continue to for years and years to come.  As it says over the door ‘let there be light’ Indeed.


We enjoyed an afternoon in the museum, a stop off at the chocolate lounge in Harvey Nics (followed by a game of guess the price of the dress), several walks through The Meadows and shopping, shopping shopping.  My job this evening is to get the suitcase closed with all my purchases. The struggle is real.


Until the next time and thanks for reading.


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