Orkney v Edinburgh

I’m not a huge fan of flying, nor am I a fan of driving in the snow and today those two fears collided.  I needed to be at the airport early to go and visit Miss Lashes and when I woke up at 4.45am (the norm  for Orkney Beef but a big deal for me) there was a good covering of snow, we hardly get snow up here but of course it had to be today.  The airport is about 22 miles away and takes about half an hour but this morning took me almost an hour, and not very much fun.  I arrived at the airport to be told the there was a delay as the runway was snow bound. Then it was an immediate call to baggage reconciliation as they were doing a random search of my case. Mortifying. Note to self: pack more carefully in future.  However, as the flight was delayed and I would be sitting around for hours, I asked if I was allowed my crochet hook and yarn out of the case.  I was thinking it might be considered a sharp object so had packed it, but seemingly a crochet addict with an honest face isn’t considered capable of bringing a plane down with a 4mm hook. I would more likely bore passengers to death.

After two and a half hours delay we were finally air born and I was very brave.












I’ve spent most of my life in or around cities and only the last few years in Orkney but today was like a scene from Crocodile Dundee as I tried to manage busy traffic.At one point I just about grabbed my daughter’s hand to cross her over the road. It’s instincitve and I forget that she’s been left home for nearly 4 years. She gave me the ‘I can manage look’ However, embarrassing your kids is part of parental duty.  I think my work here is done.


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