Alternative Advent Ideas

It was put to me recently that I had failed to buy an advent calendar for the kids this year. This is true, but they are 23 and 16. But I guess you can never bee too old. There is clearly something special and memorable about the daily countdown and opening a little door to see what picture lay beneath. In my childhood we shared one calendar between three of us, so it was every third day we got to open a door, and I always arranged to have door opening to coincide with my birthday as an extra treat.  Oh what a simple life we lead.  Now there are the obligatory chocolate calendars, (although I’m a huge advocate of chocolate for breakfast!) and these days you also can get advent calendars with a daily miniature gin (I do NOT advise gin for breakfast!), makeup, toys, candles, beer, and probably a million other things.

I came across a couple of things a bit different as a preparation for advent. One was an act of kindness advent calendar where each day has an act of kindness listed for the lead up to Christmas. Simple things like sending out compliments to three people, or putting your loose change in a charity box.  There’s also more thought provoking things like putting your name on an organ donation register.

I thought this was a really lovely idea and while it may not always be easy to follow it to the letter, the idea has been planted and I’ll be looking for ways to show random acts of kindness.  Something I’ve been on the receiving end of many, many times and kindness makes the world go round.  Think how it makes you feel to be on the receiving end of  random kind act, however small.

2016 kindness ideas for advent.

The other thing I am enjoying is a Facebook group called Advent Where I Am where people post photos with signs of hope every day. Their interpretations are so varied, I love seeing the photos and ideas. Hope is so very much needed, especially during advent season when so many people are lonely, isolated and in need of an extra boost. I have a busy few weeks ahead but hopefully not too busy to remember the importance of kindness and hope. And that’s something we can do every day, not just for Christmas.



4 thoughts on “Alternative Advent Ideas

  1. Love this. I truly believe that Christmas “magic” that we felt as children can only be kept alive by spressing love and hope to those who need it. I love these ideas and the fact that people in a world like hours still want to keep that “magic” alive. Little advent things like these are surely what Christmas is about?

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  2. The doors in our first advent card ( way back in the 50s ) told the Christmas story with biblical quotes for each day. Strangely I still look back on it with nostalgia…. Chocs ? Na !! X

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