My Week in Pictures

Normality has been resumed after last night’s grim boat crossing.  To be fair I’ve lived in Orkney for 9 years and that was the first time I’ve had to spend the boat journey facedown on the floor praying for the time to pass quickly.  Orkney Beef has spent years at the fishing and tells me I should try spending a month on a boat like that trying to work over the side.  Err no thanks!

It was a sad start to the week. A good friend died after a recent cancer diagnosis and it’s been tough for everyone. He’d known Orkney Beef for many years and OB was visiting almost daily towards the end. His funeral was today and at Stevie’s request was not too somber. It was Stevie that took the photo I used last night of a very calm Hamnavoe.  He would definitely see the funny side of my ill feeling travels.  Good bye dear Steve, rest in peace.


IMG_9137 2
Steve with a friend Michael.  In hospital but still smiling.






The clocks changed last Sunday and in true British style we all a) Seemed surprised that it’s light in the mornings and b) Seemed surprised that it’s so dark at night.  The dark finish from work was made a little more cheery by the St Magnus Cathedral being lit up beautifully.  Every cloud and all that….


St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall

5 years ago last week I drove Miss Lashes from Orkney down to Waterford and left her there.  She was leaving home and starting a gap year. I definitely remember feeling a strong sense of empty nest syndrome and cried for days. Next year it will be Tech Support flying the nest and it hardly seems real.  It was only yesterday I was holding their warm little hands as they went into playgroup. I posted this Facebook status at the time.



Much as I love Orkney it’s great to get away now and then.  This weekend I went with a friend down to Pitlochry for a retreat.  It was all things lovely from the minute we left.  Driving down and seeing all the autumn colours, I was reminded how few trees there are in Orkney.  Just a couple of small woods.  The drive from the somewhat unglamorous sounding Scrabster down to Inverness is really beautiful if ever you fancy a road trip.


There’s snow on them there hills



Pitlochry was equally pretty and we enjoyed some autumn sunshine whilst taking a break.




It really was a fantastic weekend. A church-based retreat and great opportunity to catch up with a lovely friend and make new ones.  Friendship is good for the soul.  I feel thoroughly restored.


Have a great week everyone.



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