My Year in Pictures -The last for 2017

Another year has gone by, the world keeps spinning and the sun rises and sets day after day.  Orkney Beef tells me all I do is photograph the sky but I’m obsessed with it.  I’ve been in Orkney 9 years and can honestly say I never tire of looking at the sun rises and sunsets.  When I moved here and described it to my dad I remember him saying to me on the phone ‘promise me you’ll never take it for granted’ I promised him I never would.  I never have. Here are just a few of my favourites take this year.

Old disused stone houses, with history in the brickwork.  One of many dotted around Orkney.


The view from my dog walk


The Standing Stones of Stennes.  Ancient stones, again filled with history and something I drive past daily on my route to work.



The Graemsay comes in to collect passengers on a flat calm sea.


The Hamnavoe arrives in Stromness on a flat calm but cold day.


It’s fun for me to have this record of my life and what’s happened over the last year. As look through photos of the previous year I can see many, many happy times with fabulous friends.  I am so thankful for all the wonderful people in my life.  I hope I bring as much joy to yours as you do to mine.

There have been some special highlights in the year.  Miss Lashes graduated from uni fulfilling a lifelong ambition to study.  It was a wonderful day and a super proud moment for us.

Miss Lashes in the middle holding a scroll and appearing to float on one leg!
FullSizeRender 64
My two children, Miss Lashes and Tech Support

Orkney Beef and I had our first holiday together and loved every minute of it.  We went to a beautiful little town called Portpatrick and enjoyed the opportunity to do nothing.  ‘We’ll remember this holiday forever won’t we?’ said Orkney Beef.  Yes, we will.


FullSizeRender 69
My husband is the one on the right

The arrival of a new little granddaughter brought much joy in April.  Orkney Beef’s youngest became a dad to Peedie Smiler.  She arrived a month early but soon caught up.  She’s adorable.

Orkney Beef, Peedie Meatball and a very young Peedie Smiler


This year I began a new habit which I hope to continue for many, many years to come.  I pulled out my old swimming costume and went for a swim.  I did it again the next day and the next and now I swim every morning before work.  It’s been life-changing for me and I’m so happy I made a start.

Much of the year has been tinged with great sadness as in March my lovely cousin Steph was killed in the most horrific way and it was deeply distressing for all of us as a family.  I’m not going to dwell on how she died, there’s yet to be a trial so the pain continues.  As the year draws to a close, I will focus on how she lived.  Full of laughter, fun and good character. on here trip to Orkney the year before she left a cheeky message on my notice board.  Hope is our dog, but I always thought it rather poignant.  Steph loved the blog and had liked my most recent one on Facebook just hours before she died.  So without being too maudlin I’m going to focus the new year not on resolutions that fail, but on being thankful for every day we are given.  Being thankful we have our life and our health and to keep loving, keep laughing and keep hope alive.


A big thank you to everyone for following and reading the blog.  Have a very happy new year and a wonderful 2018.  Please feel free to subscribe to this blog for regular updates and follow the facebook page for extras.  Facebook Norq from Ork



11 thoughts on “My Year in Pictures -The last for 2017

  1. It is a joy to read your blogs Sarah. You have a great talent for reporting everyday life as an exciting journey. Our visits to Orkney in 2018 will be briefer than of late, but maybe we will still get chance to meet. Happy New Year to you and all the family! xxx

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  2. We think your just fab and love every blog entry. Hope you habe a wonderful year and I hope its healthy, happy and filled with more laughter than tears.

    Liked by 1 person

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