Needing Tech Support

I’ve discovered that nothing gets a teenager out of bed quicker than the prospect of the internet not working.  We recently changed broadband suppliers and the kit arrived yesterday.  By the time I was home from work, Tech Support (my son for any new readers) had set up all the cables ready, and it would just … More Needing Tech Support

My Week in Pictures

Operation ‘No Excuses’ was activated this week. I need to stop putting off walking because of the weather and in preference to and extra half hour in bed, so  I forced myself to get up and walk even though it was still pitch black and windy.   I found a pair of Orkney Beef’s waterproofs … More My Week in Pictures

My Week in Pictures

I’ve probably mentioned this before but Orkney Beef simply cannot drive past a harbour without ‘going doon the pier a luck’ Kirkwall, Stromness or even Westray or Hoy we have spent many a time ‘going down the pier a look’ He once worked a 12 hour shift at the pier, met me for dinner then suggested we ‘go down the pier a look’ … More My Week in Pictures

Saying Goodbye

One of my favourite photos from my wedding day is the one pictured below. I’m not sure who took it but, it was as we were signing the register (and the ball and chain was firmly secured around Orkney Beef’s ankle) my new mother in law was wheeled over for the photographs. She had been … More Saying Goodbye

Digging up the past

Originally posted on Norq From Ork:
Orkney hosts many ancient sites that show us how our ancestors lived hundreds and even thousands of years ago.  There’s Skara Brae, the ancient stone houses believed to be around 5000 years old, Maeshowe complete with its Viking graffiti, Ring O’ Brodgar the ancient standing stones and many more…