Needing Tech Support

I’ve discovered that nothing gets a teenager out of bed quicker than the prospect of the internet not working.  We recently changed broadband suppliers and the kit arrived yesterday.  By the time I was home from work, Tech Support (my son for any new readers) had set up all the cables ready, and it would just be a case of unplugging one box for another.  This morning we woke up to no broadband as the old supplier must have flicked the switch at a nano second after midnight. (The broadband was pretty poor, so to be honest we hardly even noticed)  I went into Tech Supports room to collect the the new box which he had clearly been guarding with his life, and he was out of bed in seconds and setting up the new router.

Normally the morning routine is me knocking on the door to wake him up, followed by a second or third, and ending up with me going completely nuclear until he drags his sorry self into the shower.  This morning it was done in seconds.  If only I had known it was so easy!

After school Tech Support put himself in charge of dealing with all the settings and changing the password, fine by me. He’s also started on the 100’s of gadgets that need re-doing like the TV, phones, ipods, laptops, computers blah blah and while I was grateful for the help with the TV I considered myself capable of managing my phone.  Then I saw this……

FullSizeRender 32.jpg
My helpful son makes it obvious

Yup, he has named our Wifi ‘mom, click here for internet’  I didn’t name him Tech Support for nothing you know. 🙂


I was also over the moon that he put the comma in the right place.  That boy is going to go far……




6 thoughts on “Needing Tech Support

  1. Love it. I am no Techance Support that’s for sure, I often wonder how far I would be with out the man in my life to “sort thathis thingie” out. You are not alone


  2. WOW! Who have you changed too, we were considering changing before BT put the price up again. Xx

    Sent from my iPad. Liz Kennedy



    1. We’ve changed TO BT and are currently saving £20 a month and hopefully better broadband. We left Sky and they no longer offer broadband in the area anyway they only supply to existing customers. It was very poor, hopefully it will be faster now.


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