My Week in Pictures

Operation ‘No Excuses’ was activated this week. I need to stop putting off walking because of the weather and in preference to and extra half hour in bed, so  I forced myself to get up and walk even though it was still pitch black and windy.   I found a pair of Orkney Beef’s waterproofs and my high viz jacket, and like all responsible dog owners, put a high viz on the dog too. Basically, you could see us from space, not that you’d want to, I’m no a bonnie view at that time in the morning. Of course, I didn’t see a single soul, but it’s been a week of incredible sun rises and I managed to capture loads this week.  I’m in danger of becoming a sunrise bore, sorry, I’m not sorry.

Sunrise on Friday 27th Jan 

As I walked past a field early in the morning there must have been hundreds of birds took flight.  It was an amazing sight against a backdrop of a pink sunrise.  I thought it would make a great blog picture, but by the time I’d got my phone out, faffed about with my gloves, loaded the camera and tried to operate with frozen fingers, all I got was this. You’re going to have to use your imagination a bit. Sorry……

The sky was full of birds in flight, sorry I missed it.

The sunrises have been jaw dropping, I took what felt like hundreds of photos of them.  Here’s the best of the rest.

We received beautiful flowers and lots of lovely condolence cards following the death of my mother in law last week. (see Saying Goodbye) We so appreciate your kindness through cards and messages.  Thank you everyone.


I know we’re not out of the woods yet but dare I say it was almost a little spring like today?  I had a bit of lie in so walked in daylight and managed to catch the sunshine which was most welcome. However I hear storms may be on the way to operation No Excuses might not be as fun in the coming week.  We’ll see.

FullSizeRender 31.jpg
Views from my dog walk

I’m quite taken with this little guy I see on my travels.


and sheep are often curious to see me


Even in the dark!

Sheep in the dark, or are they?

I went with a couple of friends to see Ballerina at the cinema today.  It was mainly little girls with their mums to watch the film. We decided we were still young aspiring ballerinas at heart and went along to see the lovely animation.  It was very heartwarming and very encouraging to see the girl in the film and reminded me of the picture I once saw below and stumbled upon again recently.

IMG_4424 2.JPG

So another week has gone by and we are another step towards spring.  ‘I love your My Week in Pictures’ said my lovely colleague at work the other day.  Thank you so much, I’ll keep them coming.

Have a great week everyone.


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