My Week In Pictures

A few weeks into it I asked Orkney Beef if he thought I’d lost weight.  He looked terrified as if he was about to tread on a landmine and blow himself to pieces.  … More My Week In Pictures

St Magnus Cathedral, The View From The Top (and half way up)

It’s funny, sometimes we don’t appreciate what is right under our nose.  I’ve been in Orkney 9 years yet have never taken the trip to the top of St. Magnus Cathedral. I’ve driven past it thousands of times and been in the cathedral for many events, but taking the spiral staircase to the top has … More St Magnus Cathedral, The View From The Top (and half way up)

My Week in Pictures

From time to time Orkney dwellers like to ‘get off the rock’ as I hear folk say, and join the rest of the world ‘Sooth’ for a weekend of shopping and entertainment. I had such a weekend with colleagues from work as we went to Aberdeen to see the stage production of Grease and generally … More My Week in Pictures

My Week in Pictures

The clocks changed last Sunday and in true British style we all a) Seemed surprised that it’s light in the mornings and b) Seemed surprised that it’s so dark at night.  The dark finish from work was made a little more cheery by the St Magnus Cathedral being lit up beautifully.  Every cloud and all that…. … More My Week in Pictures