My week in pictures

There are not many wooded areas in Orkney but I was able to capture this pretty little place looking so lovely on Monday, especially as the bluebells were out.  It’s called The Willows and has an adorable little stream running through (which Orcadians would call a burn) On such a sunny day the whole thing … More My week in pictures

How to be happy

If you’re a Facebook user you will have no doubt seen the clip below that went viral a few days ago. For those of you who missed it, it’s a woman who buys a Star Wars mask that makes a noise and she videos herself in hysterics using it. She oozes joy and  laughs and laughs at something so … More How to be happy

Dear Tourist

Dear Tourist   Welcome to Orkney.  You are joining a steady stream of tens of thousands of people coming to check out the beauty of this place which tends to happen between May and September.  Maybe you’re here to see the many historical sights, or follow the craft trail, try the fantastic local food and drink … More Dear Tourist

My Week in Pictures

Monday was BOILING (Tuesday too).  I blogged earlier in the week about how it was almost too hot but it was certainly a great day for gardening in your wellies. The sun shone and shone and this local field is full of the humble dandelion, turning the ordinary into the extra ordinary. This is the … More My Week in Pictures