Keep going, never give up

I decided to bake a cake today which was more complicated than the chuck it all in approach that I usually favour. It involved chopping up and cooking fruit, blending it, separating several eggs, whisking in separate bowls, folding it all in, baking in the oven blah, blah, blah.  Anyway after going to all that trouble I baked it and tasted my wares.


Truly disgusting, it tasted vile.  Even Orkney Beef rejected it so it may end up being luxury food for the birds. At times like this my daughter and I have a phrase that we say to each other in a certain tone of voice which is simply ‘mistakes were made’ then we burst out laughing

Mercifully the only casualties from today’s baking disaster was the mountain of unnecessary washing up and five perfectly good eggs that could have been used for much easier and tastier cakes; but sometimes our mistakes have  a worse impact and life sends us bigger knocks and blows. ‘Fall down seven times stand up eight’ is a quote I always find inspiring and something I always try to instil in my children. ‘Get back up again’ is something I  try to show them and encourage them to never give up.

I’ve had my moments, I’m sure you have too. I found myself a single parent of a six year old and three month old, and in the years that followed both parents had serious illnesses to contend with and the tragic death of my brother a few years ago was devastating.  He was unable to get back up, so we did it for him.  Add to these big life events the dripping tap of daily life like loneliness, disappointment, job losses, illness, money worries and a million other things.  Getting back up isn’t easy, I know from experience, and everyone has a story; mine certainly isn’t unique or by any means the worst.

I came across this video today which I found inspirational and on the theme of what I’m saying. We never know what is around the corner good or bad, but  keep going, you could also be just one more push away from your big break. Feel free to share with me your inspirational quotes that keep you going, I’d love to hear.




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