For those in peril on the sea

As the poster says it all, I don’t need to add to it.  Fishing is still a dangerous job and the loss of fishermen to the sea is devastating. I was aware of one loss recently because the lifeboats were called out from Orkney as well as search and rescue helicopters.

Orkney Beef  having been a fisherman for most of his adult life, knows the trade and the risks.  When someone is lost, everyone feels it. The sea is both beautiful and cruel at the same time. What secrets it holds, what respect it commands.

Fishing is the most dangerous peacetime occupation in the UK and we rarely consider the risks take by fishermen in order to ensure we get our fish when the boat comes in.  What about when the boat doesn’t come in? Families need support.  Please take a few minutes to visit the Fishermen’s Mission website,  Link below.


The Fishermen’s Mission offers welfare and support to fishermen and their families.  Orkney Beef  will be joining his friend Craig Taylor in June for a 75 mile bike ride both sides of the Pentland Firth to raise funds.  Craig and friends and family will also be hiking up Ben Nevis two weeks before.  There is a Just Giving page and I know they would be most grateful if you could find a few pounds to donate to this very worthy and much needed cause. Click on the link below to donate, where you can also see photos and updates of their training.

Just Giving for the Fishermen’s Mission

As the wife of a former fisherman.  Thank you.


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