View from the top

Now bear with me.  I know this video clip sounds like I’m in a wind tunnel and should emerge looking like I’ve had a highly priced face lift.  But it wasn’t as bad as it sounded.  It can be;  in fact it can be a lot  worse, but on this occasion it was just misleading because we are … More View from the top

My Week in Pictures

The vacuum cleaner refused to come out of the cupboard by day five and instead lay cowering in the corner pleading not to be used again. Too bad. I vacuumed constantly and even vacuumed the dog. Sandy grew quite used to this but it had little effect as it’s pretty much like trying to sweep the path while it’s snowing. … More My Week in Pictures

We’re The Superhumans

I came across this trailer for the Paralympics today.  I thought it was absolutely incredible and after more and more terrible news, this time from France but not forgetting atrocities going on all over the world; this was positive, motivating, humbling and three minutes of brilliance.  See for yourself. Shared from You Tube.