My Week in Pictures

We had a power cut the other evening and as a result I discovered two things.

Nothing makes a teenager emerge from his bedroom quicker than the sudden death of the wifi.
With no TV, or aforementioned Wifi we have to talk to each other, and my husband chose to go to bed at 8.30pm so I guess I must be really boring.  … More My Week in Pictures

Saying Goodbye

One of my favourite photos from my wedding day is the one pictured below. I’m not sure who took it but, it was as we were signing the register (and the ball and chain was firmly secured around Orkney Beef’s ankle) my new mother in law was wheeled over for the photographs. She had been … More Saying Goodbye

Remembering Verna

I don’t remember quite when Verna came into my life, but do I remember everything about when she left, and I also have very fond memories of the time in between. I first met Verna when she and her husband started coming along to the same church as the one I was already attending.  She … More Remembering Verna