My Week In Pictures – Watch This Space

It’s been a super exciting week with news I can’t wait to tell you.

The book is happening

After many years wishing, lots of people asking and a year where I’ve been writing and an increasing desire to get everything that’s in my head finally collated into a book, I have connected with a mentor Cassandra Farren who is mentoring me through the process and I’m committing to be manuscript ready in a few weeks.  I put something on social media about it on Friday and was totally overwhelmed by the enormous and incredibly positive response.   So a huge thank you for your belief in me.  It’s so important to me to do this and I’m both excited and overwhelmed! As I’ve said to friends many times, no one is more surprised than me that you keep reading.

Stromness at Sunrise

Winter is well and truly here.  As I drove to my swim today the air temp was a chilly -1 degrees and there was frost on the seaweed yesterday and still we keep doing it…..

As I left work the other evening I saw the first sparkling of winter frost on the ground.

”That’s because you were on it’ said my friend. (I’m called Miss Sparkle or varients of that by friends)

You couldn’t see the sparkle so I added my own.

Many outdoor swimmers talk about a preference for the hobby in the winter.  I wish I could explain why it’s better when the water is colder, I really have no idea.  I know it’s madness to the rest of the world but to the wild swimming community, it’s life – and very addictive….even on the splashy days!


Each and every swim is different and wonderful in its own way. This morning we headed into the water just as the Hamnavoe was on its way past which in turn creates a wake to bounce in.

Photo by Sebastian

This week’s funniest moment was when we discovered Orkney Beef and our pal Ally bore a striking resemblance to giant garden gnomes. Two wooly hats bound for seafarers were borrowed briefly to complete the look.  What larks!


On a more serious note, today is Remembrance Day and one I hope we never stop marking.  I’m always incredibly moved on such days and take time to remember not only the men and women who made great sacrifices but also the others.  Who waited for news with broken hearts. Some of them losing several if not all of their sons.

‘When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today’





6 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Watch This Space

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures once again. It never ceases to amaze me just how brilliant you are.
    I look forward to the book before I even know what it will be about but I know it will be something amazing.

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