My Week In Pictures – Find Your Thing And Love It.

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while will know I’ve been spending the year doing new experiences before I reach my 50th birthday.  This is a few weeks away and I must admit I’ve lost  temporarily mislaid the book I was keeping a record of it all in and therefore not entirely sure how many things I’ve completed.  I’m sure it will all come right by the time I’m 50 and even if I don’t complete the list, I’ve had the most excellent time thinking outside the box and jumping at opportunities to do new things however small (or however rubbish I am at doing them)

This week I completed several new things.  On Monday Miss Lashes and I had the pleasure of going to Robin Palmer Ceramics to try our hand at a variety of ways of working with clay, including throwing pots.  It’s safe to say after my efforts of pot throwing you could throw my pot straight in the bin but Robin was extremely patient, diplomatic and an excellent teacher.

There are no photos of the wobbly pots….

An expert at work
Some of Robin’s incredible handy work

While at the CD launch of my friend and piano teacher Kathie Touin I also jumped at the opportunity to pull a pint.  The launch was being held at the local brewery which is on the doorstep and when someone asked for a pint I jumped in and asked if I could pull it.  I was given patient teaching and under the watchful eye of Andy who would be the drinker of the pint, I pulled my first and probably last ever pint!


A Lovely CD launch

My two month swimming down dementia charity challenge finished this week on 31st October.  The final swim was a spooky swim around the shipwreck in the dark.  There was about 17/18 of us turned up to do it but photos didn’t work out for obvious reasons.  If you can’t work out the reasons then press play with your sound on below.

and if you want to know what it looks like in the daylight it’s this.


I don’t mind admitting I was nervous to begin with but it ended up being tremendous fun and I really loved it.  The sea temperature has dropped considerably although it can vary a little from day to day and place to place. Monday morning was a chilly seven degrees and for the first time since last winter it felt pretty uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes.  But your body acclimatises and endorphins soon kicked in leading to a post-swim euphoria reminding me why I love this crazy lark. The October light has been so incredible and I was rewarded a wonderful rainbow.

Stromness made Monday morning not so bad
a seal creates a ripple in a magical sunset
Sunset from my garden

It was rather poignant that my fundraising ended on the same day that my magazine article was printed in Living Orkney magazine.  Many people have said how moving it was and I agree, so moving that I wasn’t even able to read it myself and I’m the one who wrote it! But on a happier note, with the kind donations of so many and the gift aid on top I managed to raise over £2600 which will go towards the valuable work of Alzheimer’s Research UK 

So if you contributed towards this amazing amount, the second-highest in the UK, then I thank you very, very much.

My magazine article for Living Orkney

Last weekend was filled with joy, music and laughter.  This week there were a few tears as I said goodbye to my babies one more time and they said goodbye to each other as they headed back to their lives South.  I’m so pleased that they have lives they enjoy, work and study and are healthy and mature.  But boy do I miss them.


In a week of firsts, I’m reminded it all started with a January sea swim as a one-off that I just got carried away with.  If someone had told me a year ago I would be spending a Sunday afternoon in November sea swimming in a bright yellow swimsuit I would say they were mad.  But it turns out I’m the mad one because I’ve done well over 200 and loved every one of them.  Embracing a crazy new challenge was the best thing I ever did and I plan to swim through winter, with the support of those that have done it before and lots of good advice.  I’m not saying you should do this thing but do something.  Even if it scares you a little.  It could be life-changing.

Go on.  Find your thing, and have a great week.


2 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Find Your Thing And Love It.

  1. Good Morning Orkney Norq and geez, you’re one of those sea swimmers in all weathers aren’t you? bbbrrrrr makes me cold thinking about it. The image of Stromness makes me think from a boat or Graemse and I see the manse is up for sale.

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