Fatty Cutties an Orkney Recipe

You could be forgiven if not from Orkney, if you read Fatty Cutties and thought it was something you needed to see a doctor with. You may call them something different in your neck of the woods but in actual fact, Fatty Cutties are something I was introduced to when I went to Westray and thought they were the most amazing biscuits ever. I could’ve happily scarfed the whole batch.

Orkney has many a charity recipe book, and I often buy old, out of print ones from charity shops.  I came across one which was printed in 1987 and was made of contributions from staff from the Eastbank hospital (which has long since gone) I was looking through it to find a Fatty Cuttie recipe as I fancied having a go. I found one contributed by none other than Orkney Beef’s sister Marie.  Sadly his sister died a long time ago (1992) so it was bittersweet to come across this little find that day, but I went home and made them, and they disappeared pretty quickly so I don’t think I let her down.

So here is the Fatty Cutty recipe according to Marie.

3 cups plain flour

8oz Margarine. (I’m not a fan of marg.  I use butter)

3 Tablespoons sugar

4 oz currants

pinch of baking powder and pinch of salt.

Melt marg. Mix together flour, sugar, currants, baking soda and salt and add melted marg.  Mix well together. Roll out mixture until it is aprox 1/4 inch thick. cut into squares and bake on a griddle (a flat pancake pan or frying pan works) until golden brown on both sides. Can be eaten hot or cold, if they last that long…..

Warning: They are amazing.  If you polish off the lot then don’t come crying to me that your breeks don’t fit!



7 thoughts on “Fatty Cutties an Orkney Recipe

  1. I suggest that you DON’T search on Google for Fattie Cuties which is what we first did when we were trying to find a recipe for these!

    Like you, our first experience of these was amazing, and we had to be very strong-minded not to eat them all in one go.


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