The tide is turning









I know we’re not out of the woods quite yet but, this week I saw my first sunrise of the year which caught my breath, and made me believe the long winter is beginning to draw to a close. Some people are already seeing snow drops but mine are taking a little longer.  However I do see the beginning of daffodils poking through the ground and there’s a lot of hope squashed into those inch high tips.

I also managed ten minutes of bliss this morning as the winter sun shone brightly into my sitting room where the dog and I were positioned right in the beam, and I got ten minutes of glorious natural heat.  I turned my face towards it and closed my eyes with a smile.  The moment didn’t last long but it was enough to give me hope that spring will reappear just as it always does. Spring is my favourite season and thankfully we are one day closer. It just makes me believe that everything is going to be ok.




4 thoughts on “The tide is turning

  1. Sarah I have to come and visit your island, might even pop in and say hi to you too 😀. Just scared I won’t want to leave!


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