5 Ways To Beat Blue Monday

The third Monday of January is officially known as Blue Monday.  Supposedly the toughest day of the year – Christmas is now in the dim and distant past (less than a month ago) and those who bought Christmas on credit should be expecting the bills landing on the mat any time now.  Pounds spent and pounds gained, the struggle is real.  Added to that, the lights and decorations are all down and judging by the TV adverts, we are all supposed to be rushing down to World of Leather for a new sofa, throwing in a new kitchen as well, and booking a summer holiday (with what pray tell?  We are all skint because of Christmas you advertising morons) To top it off it feels continually pitch black even in the middle of the day.  Call me a drama queen, but January sucks.

So how do we combat the winter blues? I’ve written about this before but just in case you missed it, and because everyone is entitled to my opinion, here are some of my tried and tested methods, and any ideas you have to pass on, please share them.

Visit a library

I mean it.  Libraries are ace.  I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.  Orkney Library and Archive is the best library ever and their Twitter account is hilariously funny and super famous.  But all libraries rock and if you haven’t joined yours, make it your mission to do so.  Aside from books, you can borrow jigsaw puzzles (well you can at ours anyway) DVDs, CDs and use computers. You can even borrow E-books and audiobooks to your phone/kindle/gadget dontcha know?  I always have one downloaded to my phone so I can listen to something while on the move. I love a good book and I love a library. I could honestly spend my entire day browsing a library. Best of all it’s free, what’s not to love?

adult blur book business
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Binge watch your favourite tv series

Millennials will never know the joy/agony of waiting a week until Thursday evening came around so you could watch the next episode of Fame.  You can now watch what you like, when you like.  Delayed gratification is out the window which sort of sucks because it’s actually really healthy. But even so, we are stuck with it so might as well embrace it.  My guilty pleasure is 2000 Acres of Sky on DVD boxed set, but whatever yours is, enjoy.

adult beverage breakfast celebration
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Get in touch with nature 

Try embracing the elements.  Believe me, when I say, I KNOW how hard it is if you’re feeling low and blue to motivate yourself and do something.  I’ve been there, and now here I am suggesting you motivate yourself and go outside and you all hate me – BUT – having been there, done it and have the T-shirt, I know it works.  Can you make yourself wrap up and go for a walk?  Even for ten minutes? the other extreme is polar dipping, swimming outside in the sea or a river in winter.  I’ve just tried it and it’s amazing and swum in the sea four times this week. I would highly recommend it but I know you all think I’m mad so won’t push it.  Just try something where you’re outside getting daylight for a while.

Polar dipping in January

Plan an early night

Here’s a sure sign I’m getting on a bit, because I love an early night. Set your phone to do not disturb, take that book you borrowed from the library and feel better for an early zzzzzzzzzzz If you can bother yourself to change the sheets beforehand it will make the whole experience a million times more blissful.  Changing the bedsheets takes less than ten minutes but about three days to summon up the effort.  Your call.

bed cute dog female
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Find what makes you happy and do it

Do you know what makes you happy?  Painting,  Singing, Dancing, Sudoku, Jigsaws, Walking, Writing, Reading, Candlelit baths, SwimmingoutdoorsintheseainJanuary.  Allow yourself to do what makes you happy and turn that January frown upside down.

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time
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9 thoughts on “5 Ways To Beat Blue Monday

  1. If you’re feeling grotty, find a grotty task that you’ve been avoiding, and do it. You already feel grotty so it won’t make you feel bad cos you already feel bad. Then when you’ve done it – look, that grotty task has gone away! And you can feel smug. Double win.

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  2. I have been grouchy all day! And we are off today!?! Partly l am anxious to see my son who is in military basic training and graduation isn’t until Feb 14, and pribably because January is just hard. Thanks for the suggestions! I might do the grotty deep clean the boys’ bathroom after I finish lesson plans at school.

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  3. Love all your suggestions except the sea swim! Just seen that Orkney is officially the best place to live in the UK. Is that anything to do with you? 🙂

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