My Week In Pictures


Enjoying the carols


The week started beautifully.  There was a school carol concert and it was the last one I’ll attend with any of my children taking part, a sure sign that things are changing. The concert is a beautiful start to the festive season for me.  Carols, nice lighting in a church, listening to beautiful harmonies in the choir, anticipation…. it was all just lovely and I came away on Monday evening with my soul at rest and ready to face the last burst of Christmas decorations.

Reality kicked in pretty fast and it’s now Christmas Eve.  I spent the morning picking tissue off my jeans after managing to leave on in the wash last night.  Orkney Beef walked past as I’m unraveling yards of sticky tape and said ‘you’d be better off chucking them in the bin to be honest.  They’re never the same again’ 

It’s the season of goodwill which is why he’s still alive.

I’m sure I have many lovely qualities, it’s just I don’t know what they are. But I do know that organising Christmas is not one of them. I feel overwhelmed by about late September so tend to bury my head and hope it all goes away.  This is mainly the reason why no one gets a card, despite good intentions.  Because I’m useless at it.  Sorry.

Yes you!

By mid-week, I had at least managed to hemorrhage my bank account on food for family members who will be descending on us at varying times over the next week.  The fridge is full to bursting with food which no one is allowed to eat.  It’s a well-known tradition that I buy a bunch of stuff then forbid anyone to actually touch it until I declare the festive eating open.  Traditionally this is Christmas Eve after the carol service where we start with nibbles and a drink.  Orkney Beef text me the other day asking should he get anything for tea whilst in the town.  I sent him a photo of the fridge with a sarcastic message.  He sent an honest and perfectly legitimate reply.  See for yourselves.


So to summarize I have no cards written and still not all presents wrapped and no Christmas pudding because I forgot to buy one (and going back to the shops would mean spending another £86 on ‘essentials’) and the house still looks like it’s been turned over.  I have the beginning of two black eyes thanks to smacking myself in the face off the car door whilst taking the aforementioned shopping in the house, I staggered in crying and shouting GET SOMETHING COLD! Tech Support rummages through the shopping and comes out with a bag of frozen stuffing.  I try that for about 10 seconds before shouting COLD CLOTH COLD CLOTH and repeatedly asking him if it was broken or bleeding. Thankfully not, but when things calmed down he said to me ‘in other news, you’re the ugliest cryer’ Oh how we laughed. Quite frankly, all I want for Christmas is this.

Photo credit unknown


But then reality kicks in again.  Two of my friends have been faced with the most devastating and life-changing news this week.  It puts my whining in the shade and once again makes me realise that the important thing is having your loved ones round about you and the non of the rest really matters.  Tonight I will go to the church carol service which is my favourite part of Christmas and my hope is renewed.  All will be calm.

To people facing difficulties this Christmas, we can be assured that just as we have reached the longest night this week, the light will come again.  I pray you have hope in your hearts and make very special memories with the people you love.  Thank you to everyone for following the blog and Facebook page.  Don’t forget to subscribe for regular updates and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2018.


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