My Positives In Pictures – New Life

The sun sets on another week and it’s been an extra special one for our little blended family as we welcomed the safe arrival of another beautiful little grandchild. Our hearts are full and a wee tear shed when her middle name was named after Orkney Beef’s sister who died tragically many years ago. Welcome to the world Freya Marie.

Sleeping peacefully and a proud Orkney Beef

We took care of her big sister while she was being born and I managed to capture this adorable moment.  From this day forwards I vow to look in the mirror with all the confidence of someone wearing a tiara and Minni Mouse slippers.


We are hurtling through the year and I can hardly believe we are well over halfway. We are going to need an exit strategy for the dog, that’s for sure. She’s become very used to having us around. Orkney Beef has been shielding since March and shielding officially pauses on 31st July, hopefully for good. After talking to friends constantly via little squares in a computer it’s lovely to finally manage to meet up and go for evening walks and long talks.

IMG_1150 2

For many (including me) the idea of hairdressers opening back up was a big deal.  Living with dementia, The Mothership has found the whole thing difficult. She’s had little stimulation to keep her focussed and a recent trip to the supermarket complete with mask was a highlight as was a much-needed haircut. Here’s a before picture of her doing the thing that’s kept her going for the last few months.  Knitting, knitting, knitting.  It’s remarkable what muscle memory can do.

IMG_1028 2

I’ve lived in Orkney for almost 12 years and never seen a whale despite there being many sightings over the years. This week I got to see one for all the wrong reasons. A young fin shark recently died in Orkney waters and Orkney Beef and I went to go and pay our respects.  Even in death she was remarkable and magnificent.

IMG_1202 2


It’s been a month since I launched my book online and sales have been remarkable.  I’m absolutely over the moon with how it’s done and some fabulous reviews too. I’m now working to make it more visible in other areas but it’s been fabulous to see it in local book shops and websites are stocking it too. Thank you so much to every single person who as bought, reviewed and messaged me. I’m truly grateful to every single one of you.

If you are yet to purchase yours 😉 you can contact me on or via my website Sarah Kennedy Norquoy or it’s available via Amazon or local Orkney shops. If you see me around in Orkney I’m also selling them out the boot of my car like Del Boy.  So many choices, don’t miss out.

Until the next time x


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