Animals misbehave

I need a hen whisperer and perhaps one for the dog too. I’ve been having animal issues all day today.  Along with the hens regular laying success (at last!) they seem to have a new found sense of adventure.   I opened the front door to find one on the door step today just about … More Animals misbehave

Cracking jokes

Orkney Beef is in big trouble, so is his side kick Dixie Chuck. They share a mutual interest in country music, dogs and winding me up. I get a lot of stick from them both on Facebook but today they took it to a new level. I returned home from work and as usual went … More Cracking jokes

Getting off the rock

I’m going away to visit my daughter Miss Lashes following last weeks nut allergy drama. She ended up staying in hospital two nights following a few rebound anaphylaxis episodes and the ‘I’ll be fine don’t worry about coming down’ high has worn off along with the adrenalin and steroids so I’m using my annual leave to go … More Getting off the rock

Life and light

‘The hens made a bid for freedom , there’s one on the field and two on the west wall down by the new shed’ This was the text I received from Orkney Beef earlier today.  How I wish I could’ve been there to witness the comical scenes of him running around a field trying to … More Life and light

No pressure but…..

I’ve reached 2000 hits and to be honest I’m staggered by the response the blog has received in such a short space of time. I’ve had emails, messages and people stopping me in the street all to say they are loving reading and checking in daily.  I have morning regular readers, bed time regular  readers … More No pressure but…..

Golden eggs

For a long time now I have dreamed of keeping chickens.  I have a romantic notion of waking up and popping on my wellies to nip out into the garden and collect my freshly laid eggs for breakfast. Orkney Beef has always been reluctant thanks to a former life working in pest control and always … More Golden eggs