Animals misbehave

I need a hen whisperer and perhaps one for the dog too. I’ve been having animal issues all day today.  Along with the hens regular laying success (at last!) they seem to have a new found sense of adventure.   I opened the front door to find one on the door step today just about ready to walk into the house and make herself comfortable. Next I went out they all followed me into the shed. This is the same hens that until recently wouldn’t come near me or walk much further than then length of themselves. Now they are strutting round the half acre garden like the three new chicks on the block. I picked one hen up to put her outside the shed then turned to get the next one.  I put hen two out and turned to get hen three, at which point hens one and two were back in. This rotation went on several times until eventually I had to go and get some cabbage leaves to coax them back over to the hen house with.  (They’re a cheap night out) I didn’t learn my lesson as an hour or so later I went into the garage having left the door open earlier and what should I find?  So the two out one in, one out two in rotation began again.  I’ve also discovered how fast they can run. Orkney Beef says at least they are edging ever closer to the oven which would double up and solve the rat problem.


Next issue today was the dog.  We have a little dog called Hope and she really does live up to her name.  She lives in permanent expectation that someone will give her a treat, throw her a ball, give her some fuss or perhaps all three.  We have very little bother with her she really is a joy to own.  Except for today when for the first time in 4 years she decided to examine the contents of the bin, all over the kitchen floor while I was out. I walked in the house and the dog made straight for her bed without me having to say anything, so she knew! Head hung low, snaking along the ground looking so sheepish I thought she might baa not woof.  Her look of guilt made it hard to be cross with her but I did give her a telling off and even said ‘wait ’till your father gets home!’ I may  have to change her name from Hope to Despair now though.

Dog and bin.jpg

Until the next time and thank you for reading.



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