My Week in Pictures

Of course, I have to start with all things weather related as we’ve had such extremes this week. Earlier on in the week we had really stormy weather with thunder and lightning  which managed to knock out the phones and broadband in many homes and businesses.  Fields nearby are flooded and will stay that way … More My Week in Pictures

Dear Orkney (part 2)

Dear Orkney There appears to be a dreadful misunderstanding.  I refer to my earlier letter to you written on March 7th 2016.  See here. In my previous letter I thanked you for the end of winter, being able to peg out washing, do some gardening and not needing to resort to chocolate.  I sang your praises … More Dear Orkney (part 2)

Spring 2 winter 0

In the battle  of winter v spring, spring is currently in the lead by producing two sunny days in a row.  Although there was a white frost this morning on the ground the sun was shining and there was hazy mist which reminded me of early summer days. While I’m probably perceived by many of … More Spring 2 winter 0

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.

In Orkney you can often get four seasons in a day. The cold snap continues and the day started with a smattering of snow, enough to create pretty looking scenery while the chickens huddled together and continued their egg laying strike while looking at me with their ‘clean up our house and give us food in … More There’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.