My Week in Pictures

Of course, I have to start with all things weather related as we’ve had such extremes this week. Earlier on in the week we had really stormy weather with thunder and lightning  which managed to knock out the phones and broadband in many homes and businesses.  Fields nearby are flooded and will stay that way until spring now and on the whole it was a great excuse to stay in by the fire.  Today however, was completely different.  We woke up to a very frosty morning and everything was still and calm. The water was like a mirror at the local harbour.

Calm and quiet at Stromness pier


Stromness with the boat coming home


and the evening sunset produced more beautiful skies.

Sunset in from my  front garden
Beautiful clouds


Sunset from my back garden

I’m not a fan of driving in this weather but the cold, frosty skies have some benefits….


It’s beginning to look a lot like it’s beginning to look like we have to face up to the fact that it’s beginning to look like Christmas. The tv is full of totally blah perfume adds and this week I heard the first of the festive songs. Also, and amazingly out of character for me, I have possibly done all my Christmas shopping and even wrapped much of it up!  First time in my life. *feels smug*

There’s a shop in Orkney that sells just about anything you could imagine.  Every year the upstairs is turned into this…..


Yes, in Orkney, Christmas isn’t allowed until you been ‘upstairs at Shearers’ and this year I made it there by exceptionally good time.




There are all kinds of unusual Christmas things to buy and a great display of old tins and boxes from Christmas past.  It’s really authentic looking, I love it.



So in light of my remarkable being super organised this year, is it too early for obligatory dog-in-antlers pic? Sorry, not sorry.

It didn’t last long….


As always I managed a trip to my local beach.  As I’ve said before, seeing all the plastic washed up on the shoreline but yesterday I found an onion, not for the first time, which just leaves me mystified.


Bay of Skaill



I’m back at work after a lovely week off.  Whatever the weather, I hope yours is great.




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