Going it alone

I have been to the cinema by myself twice in my life.  The first time was several years ago.  I had not long been in Orkney, wanted to see the film, but hadn’t put down roots or know anyone well enough to ask them to go with me so I went alone.  I enjoyed the film but didn’t like going by myself.  I’d been on my own a lot of years, Orkney Beef hadn’t noticed me yet and I thought going to the cinema by myself was a bit sad.  It seemed to highlight my aloneness all the more.

This time, however,  was completely different which is partly thanks to the fact I’m in a different place in my life now, it was much more my choosing rather than circumstances defining it, and partly to something Miss Lashes said.  I was toying with the idea of going to see the film a bit last minute and ran it past the family in our group chat thing we have.

‘I love going to the cinema on my own’ she said ‘it makes me feel empowered’ 

What a healthy outlook! With the new spin, and the realization that I there is absolutely nothing wrong with going by yourself I armed myself with my crochet, (after all there was no one with me to die of embarrassment) and took myself off to watch the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would happily do it again in the future. The women at the desk told me a lot of people do it, and while in there  I spotted someone else on their own.

‘Good for you!’ I cheered inwardly and carried on with my crochet like the strong independent woman I am.


Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 20.37.21.png

More reading on this topic in  You are not alone, you have yourself


2 thoughts on “Going it alone

  1. What an awe some thought! An entire cinema viewing experience without the interruption of dog, child or husband!!! Love it…..been far to long since I indulged myself in a date with my own self……but you Sarah have taken it to a new level with the crocheting! Brilliant!!!

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