There’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.

In Orkney you can often get four seasons in a day. The cold snap continues and the day started with a smattering of snow, enough to create pretty looking scenery while the chickens huddled together and continued their egg laying strike while looking at me with their ‘clean up our house and give us food in this one-way relationship’ eyes.

I managed a slippery drive to church with me driving like a nervous old lady and my teenage  son urging me to ‘go faster like dad does it’s more fun’  and gave me lessons on what to do if I go into a skid. I didn’t go faster of course, I just took the opportunity to lecture him about safety on the roads. He left his headphones in.

The drive home was gloriously sunny, the snow on the roads had melted and I awarded myself ten smug points for having the sense to peg the washing out before church as it was now dry. Just as well as no sooner was it in when we had a snow storm and we could barely see out of the window.

There’s a field at the end of my road with a few drainage issues.  Every year the puddle gets bigger and bigger as the winter progresses and today it was frozen over. It’s a pretty sight so  I thought I would take a photo for the blog. The weather had brightened up again and it was now very sunny so  I nipped out with just my jumper on to photograph it.  The walk to the spot is about 3 minutes from my house but within moments of me taking the snap the heavens opened and I was hit on the head by painful hailstones. They had honestly come from nowhere and being targeted by tiny balls of ice on the head, face and backs of legs is pretty painful I discovered.  I made a hasty retreat home  at once and was met by my kind-hearted son who had the sense to run down and meet me half way with a coat for me.  Bless him.  All those years shouting ‘PUT A COAT ON’ has finally paid off.  If only I could practice what I preach.

Icey puddle.jpg


2 thoughts on “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.

  1. I have what I call my ‘Orkney’ coat, other than red hot sunshine, it suits Orkney weather well apart from I look like a big blob in it!!!


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